22 May

ACCU Certifies 43 Asian DEs in the 19th Class of 2016

  • Date : Sunday May 22, 2016
  • Venue : Bangkok

 The intensive course and several interactive activities during the 19th Development Education Workshop on May 22 – 29, 2016 in Bangkok - Thailand engaged all 46 participants from more than 10 countries including the mentors to gain deep insights into the significance and progress of credit union movement around the world. 

Ranging from the history of credit union movement, credit union roles in alleviating poverty, challenges of credit unions, Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), Blueprint for a Co-operative Decade, innovation and technology, persuasive presentations, ethical values of DEs, Self-Management Leadership (SML), the course had equipped the participants with a broad appreciation and understanding of their role in supporting their credit unions in keeping its mission alive.

“I came here small, I ended very big,” said Christina Stoneman of UK. Valentinus of Indonesia said it was his first time attending training in English, so much more his first time to make presentation in English and to international audience. “I am very happy of my achievements at the DE program and happy to share this to my staff of Board of Directors,” added Valentinus.

“You are so joyful and enthusiastic. Your passion is contagious. I want to infect my co-workers back home of the passion for credit unions and people helping people,” Alana Miles of Mississippi USA told her mentors and fellow DEs at the closing program.

“I will never forget my experience in this workshop. I have been in the cooperatives for so long. I thought I am good already. The DE is an awakening for me. I will have a new beginning and will take leadership to bring our leaders and staff back to the roots,” said Manny Mansueto of the Philippines. 

Sagar of Nepal said he won in the five days DE workshop and met 46 friends from 10 different countries.

“I am guided, blessed and enlightened. I want to be catalyst of change and want my coop to be big and that I am part of my coop when it happens,” Kairos from the Philippines shares. 

Representing certain unique qualities such as being not-for-profit organization, promoting financial inclusion, and supporting members’ financial independence and self-sufficiency, credit union, as a People Helping People financial institution, are established to uplift the lives of those it serves. The Development Education Program is an intensive personal motivation which creates awareness on the burning development issues affecting the viability and growth of credit unions, enhances commitment to contribute to further the application of credit union principles and values and development of persuasive presentation skills. Understanding the development issues will keep the DEs more appreciative of the value of their job and the important role they are playing in building strong financial cooperatives for the community.

The 43 Asian DEs certified at the 19th class joined the 536 Certified Asian DEs since 1999. To date, ACCU has certified 579 DEs from 21 countries.


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