07 May

ACCU Recognizes DID’s Support to the Credit Union Development in Asia

  • Date : Tuesday May 07, 2013
  • Venue :

The Board of Directors approved the 2013 Recognition Award for institutional category

to Développement International Desjardins (DID) for its contribution to credit union

development in Asia. DID is sharing the success of the Québec cooperative model

with member organizations and ACCU. DID has developed its specifi c expertise based

on Desjardins Group model, its approaches, toolkits and strategies.

 ACCU and DID partnership is ongoing. In 2012, DID’s Project Director Sylvain Barrette

conducted the Seminar on Financial Decision Making for the CEOs of member

organizations. It will be followed by the Governance Seminar on September 2013 for

the same participants. In his visit on April 2-3, Barrette indicated DID’s commitment to work

in partnership with ACCU to promote the federated system for the credit cooperative

movements in Asia. On April 22-27, DID’s Training and Organizational Development

Advisor Claude Marceau worked with ACCU team to develop the concept framework of

the E-learning. ACCU is underway in off erring four competency courses on e-learning:

CUDCC, CUCCC, Loan officers and Audit Committee.

 Starting April 16, ACCU welcomes Emilie Morissette Grégoire as DID intern for 6

months. She is working on integrating Social Performance indicators to the ACCESS

branding. After the completion of Grégoire’s internship, a new intern from DID is joining

ACCU team in September 2013. The award will be presented at the Asian

Credit Union Forum in Kathmandu, Nepal come September 2013.


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