07 May

Two SANASA Districts to Implement Consolidation of CUs

  • Date : Tuesday May 07, 2013
  • Venue : Monaragal

Two SANASA Districts to Implement Consolidation of CUs

The workshop conducted by ACCU for the Monoragala and Kalmuna SANASA (credit union) districts in Sri Lanka on April 5-7 concluded to adopt a policy requiring its member credit unions to reach at least 1,000 members for its sustainability. This would also mean consolidation of small societies. Majority of the districts’ 800 primary SANASA members have less than 1,000 members. In response to the action plan of the Monoragala SANASA District Executive Director R. M. K. B. Madawela who attended the regional training on AgriFinance in January 2013, ACCU CEO Ranjith Hettiarachchi assisted in carrying the workshop. “The three days workshop was a reawakening for us leaders of SANASA,” according to Madawala. We have realized that we should put our eff orts to provide fi nancial services that meet the real needs of members, added Madawala. “The methodology is an appropriate approach for the societies to increase their members and help farmers improve lives. Currently, farmers are living in subsistence economy,” said SANASA Federation General Manager L.B. Dasanayake. The workshop adopted the AgriFinance methodology since most of the credit union members are deriving their income from agriculture.

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