06 November

CCULB New Strategic Plan to Adopt Integration Strategies

  • Date : Friday November 06, 2015
  • Venue :

The stakeholders of the Credit Union League of Bangladesh (CCULB), in its strategic planning exercise on October 31 to November 6, expressed desire to change the course of Bangladesh’s credit union movement - to become more disciplined, growth oriented, prudently managed and member driven credit union network.

ACCU facilitated the consultation sessions with the Board, management officers, and selected credit union leaders. “We recognize the enormous opportunity for Bangladesh credit unions to grow. We should be aggressive in expanding our membership by educating people the value proposition of credit unions,” said President Simon Pereira. The planning sessions concluded with CCULB adopting the integration strategies of the network that will ensure credit unions’ compliances to the agreed upon norms. ACCU and its member in Bangladesh anticipate the launching of the network contractual solidary by December 2016. 

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