02 November

Retired Rabobank Executive Volunteers to SACUDIL

  • Date : Monday November 02, 2015
  • Venue :

The SACUDIL team welcomed Mr. Kees Jasperse and his wife to Laos from November 2 - 4, 2015. The former Rabobank Executive took the opportunity to explore SCUs in Laos and observe their current performance.

In this special occasion, the SACUDIL team invited the chairman, credit committee and managers from a total of 7 SCUs (6 out of 7 are registered under the Bank of Laos) to participate in a training intended to address and avert future loan delinquency.  The assembly brought the participants to recognize their improper management of loans in which in the past had led to the delay of payment, late loan application assessment and inefficient system of monitoring.

The exchange of information among SCUs has permitted the understanding of the current system where the chairman of the SCU dictates loan decision. After the adjournment, partakers agreed upon the new modification of the system to allow credit staff, manager and committee to scrutinize applications and make loan decisions in place of the chairman. On the other hand, the chairman of the SCUs will serve as another checkpoint to minimize the rate of credit defaults.

In addition, Mr. and Mrs. Jasperse have the opportunity to visit SCUs in Luang Prabang to learn about their success story. The result was prominent showing a mere 1 percent of loan delinquency rate after the adoption of the strategy by SCUs in Luang Prabang. Their direct service provision to help members fill out loan application, thorough analysis of borrower credit history, preparation of the assessment recommendations, and submission of the weekly reports to manager seems to be the right path to achieving the expected goal—the stability and sustainability of Laotians’ socio-economic development.

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